EqualizeHer at the Troubadour – October 9, 2022


EqualizeHer, a new initiative taking aggressive, solutions-driven action to create greater opportunities for women in the music business, is kicking off with a concert event at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Launched earlier this year at SXSW 2022, EqualizerHer’s mission is to build a community with a shared focus on providing real-world opportunities for women and girls interested in pursuing careers in music. The upcoming concert at The Troubadour – a legendary venue that has helped launch the music careers of hundreds of leading artists — is the first in a series of planned events and activations by EqualizeHer to put talented women and girls on the stage and in the studio.

A limited number of tickets will be made available to the public for this otherwise by-invitation-only event for industry VIPs with the goal to raise awareness and funds for future EqualizeHer efforts.

With the goal to bring balance and gender equity across all facets of the music industry, EqualizeHer represents the shared passion and purpose of two women who lead their respective fields – music industry powerhouse, Linda Perry, and music-loving philanthropist, Alisha Ballard.

“I’ve been in this business for a very long time, and I’ve seen many people adapt to the industry standard of how females are represented and treated, and for me that’s unacceptable behavior,” said Linda Perry. “We can’t let people get away with things just because we don’t want to stir the pot. To turn our back on what is still a very current issue is just as bad as the problem itself. We need to show our young females how to rise above and fight for what they believe in.”

Added Alisha Ballard, co-Founder of EqualizeHer, “It’s time for the voices of the other half of the population to be heard and for their talents to be celebrated. To accomplish that, this event marks the beginning of new opportunities for women by giving talented young female performers the chance to take the stage in one of the industry’s most iconic venues; by making sure the right people are in the room; and by kicking open the door to a range of career opportunities for girls in this business.”

Headlined by Academy Award and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, and  multi-platinum-certified R&B singer and disruptor, Tinashe. EqualizerHer’s concert at The Troubadour will showcase a diverse lineup of talent including young aspiring artists from all walks of life.

“I believe, as women, we have the responsibility of amplifying each other’s voices and personal experiences,” said Tinashe. “I am honored to work alongside EqualizerHer to inspire our youth to develop the confidence and power to disrupt the system, make an impact, and be whoever they want to be. Being surrounded by such incredible women in music has been so special for me and I hope this event makes a difference to all who attend, that it inspires them to pursue their music dreams and achieve success in whatever path they choose.”

“It’s an honor to be surrounded by women who have worked their entire lives to level the playing field for me and other young artists,” said performer Tish Melton, who will be making her live debut at the event.

Look forward to more events from EqualizeHer.

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