Speedy Ortiz – The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever

Sadie Dupuis

It’s been ten years since Sadie Dupuis recorded and self-released the first Speedy Ortiz songs as a home-recorded solo project with her performing every instrument. Those early collections have remained largely off-line since appearing on Bandcamp in 2011, but in celebration of Speedy Ortiz’s tenth anniversary, they are widely available today for the first time. The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever features the contents of Cop Kicker EP, The Death of Speedy Ortiz LP and bonus tracks …Forever entirely remixed and remastered, and it also includes previously unreleased tracks, reflective liner notes penned by Dupuis, and unearthed photos and journal scans from that era. The reissue features extensive production updates from Dupuis (now an established solo artist and producer with her newer project, Sad13), mixing from Speedy’s long term collaborator Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh), and mastering from Emily Lazar (HAIM, Liz Phair).

Also out today is an amazing music video for the band’s eponymous track, “Speedy Ortiz,” directed, edited and primarily shot by Dupuis. She’s known for her spooky music videos that pay homage to the horror film greats, like the recent “Cutco” video that was a shot-for-shot nod to Blair Witch Project. This new music video, however, might be her scariest yet. Says Dupuis: “These songs were recorded in 2011 on a dying laptop and remixed in 2021 on a different ailing laptop that died twice in the process. My friend Amar Lal suggested a music video in which I got revenge on a file-deleting computer. Turns out laptops are shockingly hard to destroy—even when they’re already broken—but it was still cathartic to try.”


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