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The Arts Lead Sheet # 3 – Jobs, Grants, Opportunities

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at:


Shabazz Center & Scholly – Malcolm X & Dr Betty Shabazz Scholarship Fund – Deadline July 15, 2021

Live Music Society Aid to Venues Grants


Universal Music Group – Job Board

Warner Music Group – Jobs Board

NPR Careers

Vox Media Job Board

ViacomCBS Job Board


SeriesFest – Women Directing Mentorship – Deadline September 14, 2021

Play Bohemian Nights in Ft Collins, Colorado

Dairy Block – Artists on the Rise Nominations

Denver RiNO Art District – No Vacancy Artist Residency Program – Deadline May 21, 2021


Songwriters of North America Warrior Awards

May 23, 2021

5-6:30pm PST

Indie Week – Mental Health in the Music Community

Tuesday May 25, 2021 4pm EST

Arts + Wellness: Resiliency for Healthcare Workers  – May 26, 2021

Strong Women Alliance: Conversations with Operators – May 26, 2021 – 5-6pm EST

Music Biz: Handling & Protecting Your Financial Future

May 25 & 26

NWC Webinars Mixing Music – May 27, 2021 at 2pm EST

USA Songwriting Competition – Deadline May 28

Music Biz: Podcasting Summit

June 3, 2021 – 2-4:30pm EST

Soundgirls : Ask the Experts – Sound Design for Theatre – June 5, 2021

Soundgirls: Ask the Experts – Film & TV Production Sound – June 19, 2021


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