Lisa Heller – 18

“Right in the beginning of the pandemic, I went back to my hometown in Connecticut for a while and started thinking about my favorite playground,” Lisa says. “I wanted to revisit that nostalgia through the triple lens of memories, looking back at the playground through three different perspectives: Childhood, thinking I was too big for the town as a teenager with my friends, and now in my 20s, looking back at myself at 18 and seeing that I was still just a baby.”

The song was a team effort. Lisa collaborated virtually with co-writers Meghan Williams and Cheska Zaide, then co-produced it along with Nashville producer Will McCoy. As an independent artist, Lisa brings her own standards into her process and the track radiates with youthful freedom yet mature composition.

“I think it will always be the case that the older I get, the more I will look back and think I was so young and had so much to learn,” Lisa says. “Life has so much room for growth over time.”

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