Shipla Ray – Heteronormative Horsesh*t Blues

Shilpa says of the track, “straight culture is in dire need of a reform/defund/abolishment discussion.  I wrote this song from my experiences of being stuck in an abusive relationship during my mid to late 20s, only to come to the realization that the non abusive ones weren’t that much better in terms of power dynamics and conforming gender roles.

This song was inspired by Billy Idol’s, ‘Eyes Without A Face’ sans awkward rap section.  I wanted to create a sharp contrast between the nature of the lyrics said by a defeated character against a hazy overtly romantic soundscape.  Kind of like the 80’s doing the 50’s.

The video is another collaboration with director Amos Poe with Ebru Yildiz on camera. It is the first in a series of videos, which will feature two overblown heteronormative characters, Doris Daydream and Danny LeDouche, played and developed by me.”

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