Cursive at Bluebird Theater

Cursive at Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO
Friday January 18, 2019
Cursive has been playing for 2 decades and continues to bring new original visceral music out. Their tour is based around their 8th studio album, Vitriola, released in 2018. The album reunites Tim Kasher, guitarist/singer Ted Stevens and bassist Matt Maginn with drummer Clint Schnase, Patrick Newbery on keys and Megan Siebe on cello. Cursive runs a course that borders hard rock and indie folk with screaming vocals mixed into arrangements that engage the senses. The album evokes anger at the world with songs “Free To Be or Not To Be You and Me”, “Under the Rainbow” and “Noble Soldier/Dystopian Lament.” Their single “Life Savings” calls Capitalism into question while the video shows greed in action

Vitriola was released in 2018 on Cursive’s own label 15 Passengers and is produced Mike Mogis. The band is on a headlining tour with Summer Cannibals and Campdogzz.

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