Edison – Ghosts

Edison - Ghosts

   By Alex Teitz

            Edison is a 3 piece indie folk rock band from Denver. Sarah Slaton is on vox and guitar. Dustin Morris is on mandolin, trumpet, vox and drums. Chris Cash is on bass, vox and keys. All the songs were written and performed by Edison. The EP was mastered by Mark Downie. It was engineered and the intial mix was done by Robert Skelton. The final mix was done by Taylor Mesple. Ghosts is a 4 song EP.
            Ghosts is a passionate longing collection of music. In four songs the listener is drawn into a world of why’s and how’s. It is also one of the best expressions of why simpler is honest and heartfelt. “San Jose” is a ballad that begins with a gentle guitar and vocalization. “Ghosts” is a stirring arrangement that brings in trumpet and mandolin. “Be Someone” is the most upbeat bringing in mandolin and guitar. “Simple As Sleep” ends with multiple horns.
            What drives Ghosts is the lyrics. These are taken from Sarah Slaton’s life. They are painful and reveal a life searching for meaning and place. The songs ask questions and give answers in a direct theme throughout the EP. Many of the most meaningful and memorable songs from the best songwriters (James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Melissa Etheridge) involve the most painful and heartbreaking times of their lives. Slaton has a lock on this and is destined to join that group soon.
            Ghosts is a testament to simplicity in honesty. The arrangements are beautiful and haunting. The lyrics speak directly to the soul, and the music lives on afterward. Ghosts should be a lesson to other musicians on how to strip everything to the core, and let it shine. It should be in every collection for 2015. For info visit  www.facebook.com/listentoEdison

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