April 10th, 2017
Indigo Girls with University of Colorado Symphony – Boulder, CO
April 5, 2017
Words and Photos by Veronica Lee
The Indigo Girls held a special event in Boulder this week, opening up a recording session to the public. A live album was recorded at the grand Mackey Hall on the CU campus with the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra. In a beautiful collaboration of soaring winds and swelling strings, the duo showcased their unparalleled harmonies while delighting the fans in attendance to arrangements that filled the impressive space. Among the collection of their most popular songs, they also approached tracks from their latest release. Lead by conductor Gary Lewis, the evening was a testament to Indigo Girls ability to transcend from their iconic role in the folk rock world into masterpiece theater. The album is set to release in Fall 2017. http://indigogirls.com/

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