August 1st, 2017
TITWRENCH is a platform and production company dedicated to centering and lifting up women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ performers, producing all ages-friendly art events and featuring new work pushing boundaries of genre + form.
The Titwrench Music Festival is a 2 day festival with over 30 artists, workshops, and more that highlights original and experimental music nationwide. It includes Colorado artists Get Aong, Kimet & Dough, The Maybe So’s, Esmeralda Strange, and more. 10% of All Funds Raised Go to Webs of Support –
Chicharra – This NM 5 piece is led by Monica & Marisa Demarco. Chicharra means “cricket.” This cricket is a bass & drum driven metal tinged group –
Cthulha – Monica Demarco, of Chicharra,  leads this experimental metal act that sometimes features drums & violin – NM – Experimental Metal – &
Glassmen – Wisconsin – Sarah Jennings Evans learned to make unique music when suffering a joint condition. It took 5 long years before she was on guitar again and is joined by Vivian Lin on drums. Their new album is called Seagulls in Spotlight
Glitter Vomit – Jazmyn Crosby & Caleb Anderson make up this NM minimalist band. They mix poetry & spoken word with ambient sound to make a captivating mix. Their latest album is Cayenne.
Litter Brain – Litter Brain is a 6 piece NM punk band featuring 2 guitars, 2 bass, drums and vocals. –
Midwife – Madeline Johnston is Midwife. Weaving heart wrenching lyrics with a fuzzy guitar Johnston paints pictures of heartache. Her new album is Like Author Like Daughter
Milch De La Maquina – This New Mexico band has 8 members now, but has had tens more come in and out. They are a performance art group.
Nizhoni Girls – The Nizhoni Girls are a 3 piece Navajo band from NM. Nizhoni means “Beautiful” in Navajo. They are led by Rebecca Jones, formerly of Weedrat, and a staple of the punk scene.
Kate Olson (KO Solo)  – Coming from Seattle, Kate Olson plays saxophone both solo and as part of an ensemble. It is instrumental jazz at its purest. Her latest album is Dreamer One
Laura Ortman – Laura Ortman is a Native American (White Mountain Apache) violinist from NY. She has numerous awards and fellowships to her name. She is a multi-instrumentalist who latest album is My Soul Remainder
Prism Bish – Prism Bitch (Prison Bitch) is a 5 piece punk band from NM. Getaway is their latest EP.
Shooda Shook It – Dawn & Kee Copps lead this Tucson new wave band. The band is s supergroup of Arizona scene.

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