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March 3rd, 2017

SXSW  – Austin, TX – March 13-19, 2017

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SXSW is the festival everyone strives to be at. Last year it had over 2200 performing artists from 67 countries. This year it is expected to be at least as big. For info visit

Ami Dang – Dang is a vocalist, sitarist and composer with experimental and world music. Her sophomore album Uni Sun came out last year.

Au/Ra – She is a new indie electronic artist who attracted our attention before SXSW.

Cappa – Cappa is a Nashville indie artist we saw last year. She brings in dark songwriting to an electronic style. Her release Queen of Hearts is addictive.

Farida – Farida is a Norwegian soul artist. She released the song “Next To Nothing” in January.

GGOOLLDD – This high energy Wisconsin band caught our attention a couple of years ago. Led by Margaret Butler this band mixes pop and alt rock in a mesmerizing combo.

Half Waif – Haif Waif is Nandi Rose Plunkett. Plunkett is a member of the band Pinegrove. Here she expands her music in an indie electronic form. She recently released form/a a 12.”

Jackal Onasis – Jackal Onasis is a 3 piece NYC rock band and one of FEMMUSIC’s favorites. They released Big Deal Party in 2016.

Melat – Melat is an Austin original with multiple albums and an R & B sound that draws you in.

Tkay Maidza – Tkay Maidza is an Australian rap artist who has worked with artists including Charli XCX. Her self-titled album is out now.

Yoonmirae – Yonnmirae is a star of the Korean market. She is actually an American with a Korean mother & African-American father. She is a star of Korean hip-hop. She also has a side project called MFBTY with Tiger JK & Blizzy.


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March 2nd, 2017

Showcases to See at SXSW 2017

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Boston and Beyond – March 17, 2017 – Friends Bar – 12-6

Berklee & Vanyaland Present the 12th Official Boston and Beyond.
Berklee College of Music & Vanyaland are back again with a slate of new artists. This year’s line-up includes dream pop, folk, surf & more. &
Bat House
Boketto The Wolf

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March 2nd, 2017

Showcases to See at SXSW 2017

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PURR Moods: An Official SXSW Showcase

March 14, 2017 – The Sidewinder -7pm-2am
Presented by Riot Act Media + Father/Daughter Records – &
This showcase includes everything from feminist punk to dreampop. Artists performing include:

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March 1st, 2016

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Tuesday-Sunday March 15, 2016 – Austin, TX –


This year’s SXSW includes a number of faces we’ve seen before including: Diet Cig, Dana Falconberry, Chinah, Powers, Slothruth, Pure Bathing Culture, Moving Panoramas, Oh Pep!, and recently signed to Charli XCX’s label, RIVRS. FEMMUSIC does not like to tread on familiar ground, so we give you profiles of bands and artists you may not have heard of who are playing SXSW this year:
Alexander Jean –  BC Jean & Mark Ballast make up this songwriting duo. They are releasing an EP this year.
Amber Annelotte de Graaf assembled the 5 piece band to explore pop beyond what she’d been doing as a solo artist. Tracks from Turning Light have been appearing this year.  
Clara – Clara Nova is a new project by Sydney Wayser, a French American artist. Her new EP The Bronze Age is in development but what we’ve heard is instantly attractive.
Dawn –   Dawn is Dawn Richard, a New Orleans artist, whose new album Dance is a mix of dance and alternative. – FEMME is a UK artist who recently released Debutante and is visiting SXSW for the first time. She had a pop electronic sound.
Sara – This young artist is soaring quickly. She is on tour with Ellie Goulding prior to SXSW and her single “Monster Lead Me Home” is on everyone’s lips
Zyna –  Elizabeth Oswell created Zyna Hel as a new solo project. It caught our attention and we do think it will catch yours.
IS Tropical – This UK band is releasing a new album, Black Anything, at the end of this year. The new songs coming forth are hook friendly. –  Lucie, Elisa & Juliette are a French 3 piece combining pop into different arrangements
Grace – Portland artist Grace Mitchell starting catching fire last year with her EP Raceday. She is a pop electronic artist with fancy dance moves. – This Spanish band released Jelly Beat as a pop electronic sound. They are part of the Spanish revolution at SXSW this year.
Sara – SXSW is a place where the world comes to the US. A couple of years ago a Spanish group, Hinds arrived and spurred a change. This year’s SXSW has many Spanish artists including Sara Pi, an R & B artist with Brazilian beats.
PHASES – Berg and the other musicians who make up PHASES have been playing in bands for years. They have a free spirit quality to their rock in their album For Life. They will be touring with Maroon 5 later this year.
PMS & the Mood – This NYC pop punk band continues the long tradition of crude humor and fast rock – London 5 piece turned everyone’s heads last year with the release of Priestess. We expect them to do even more this year.  
Saint – This Dublin band released their Madrid EP earlier this year. They combine traditional Irish Celtic music with 60’s beats.
Eliot Sumner – For Eliot Sumner not to go into music would go against the family line (Sting is her father). She recently released Information and is a bold and striking songwriter and arranger who makes us think of Peter Gabriel.
Tacocat – Last year we caught Tacocat for the first time and were instantly hooked. They are a four piece band that mixes poignant lyrics with humor. Their new album Lost Time comes out in April, when they will be doing a headlining tour. – Luke Tennyson & Tess Pretty make up this Canadian electronic duo. They are destined for amazing things soon.
The Weather Station – Tamara Lindeman is The Weather Station. Her 3rd album is Loyalty. She is touring with Basia Bulat prior to SXSW.


Berklee Boston & Beyond Showcase

Berklee: Boston & Beyond SXSW Party – Thursday March 17, 2016 – Brush Square Park – 12-6 pm – All Ages –
Berklee College of Music is hosting its 11th Annual SXSW Party: Boston and Beyond Presented by Heavy Rotation Records, Vanyaland, Berklee Alumni Affairs and The Red Room@ Cafe 939.
            For 11 years now Berklee has presented the best emerging artists on stage at SXSW. This year’s lineup includes:
 mar I co –
Rock Paper Scissors Showcase
Rock Paper Scissors has presented showcases at SXSW for years. RPS handles some of the world’s best artists. This year they have only one woman artist, Mai Nimani but will be showcasing her at 2 events:
Wednesday March 16 – FACE Presents Pakistan Showcase – 8pm –
Thursday March 17 – Mai Nimani Showcase –  3pm –  International Day Stage –
For additional info on Mai Nimani look at
Riot Act Media Showcase

Wednesday March 16, 2016  –  Riot Act Media Showcase   –

Riot Act Media handles many artists FEMMUSIC likes to cover. We’ve also covered their SXSW showcase for many years now. This year it includes some new faces. For info visit

Tangerine – This Seattle 3 piece has been like a sugar high from first listen. Their album ironically is called Sugar Teeth.

Jess –   Williamson released Native State in 2014. It is an introspective piece that awakens the listener.

Dana Falconberry & Medicine – Dana is releasing From the Forest Came the Fire this April and has been doing a music tour of national parks.

Mirror Travel – Mirror Travel is a dream pop band that stood out when we saw them a few years ago. Their new album is Cruise Deal and comes out March 11.

Moving Panoramas – Last year we covered Moving Panoramas release of One.


Thursday  March 17, 2016 – Austin. TX – The 512
This is an entire day showcase featuring Smooth Hand Smith, The Quebe Sisters, David Wax Museum, SIR, Rachel Malin & The Wild Type, Tyto Alba and more. This showcase is being sponsored by SIR (formerly Sarah & The Meanies) & Edison: &

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March 1st, 2015

Conference of the Month – March 2015

Network with the pros!

March 17-22, 2015
Austin, TX

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March 1st, 2015

Words from the Editor’s Desk

If you can’t already tell, March is a big issue. In honor of SXSW we went out of our way to make one of the biggest issues. As I write this in mid February I’m still daunted by just how much is in here. The goal is to showcase near 50 artists with profiles, interviews and Soundcloud playlists. On April 1 I’ll know if I accomplished it. I hope you enjoy and look for our next special issue later in the summer.
The Model & The Weird Girl
I was having coffee with a good friend whom I hadn’t seen for years. It was one of the most enjoyable 6 hours I had. She is a performing musician who has learned many, many things.  She was telling me about one of her mentors when she brought up the model and the weird girl. I consider it an interesting take on music so I’m relating it to you.
In the music industry, there are 2 types of woman musicians: the model and the weird girl.
The model you know. They are the ones who are strikingly attractive. They do get all the magazine covers and TV, etc… They may be skilled professional musicians, but not always. Some truly do get by on their looks alone.
The weird girl is not that attractive. She survives and thrives in the industry by being a professional musician. She can put on a stage show but all her energy is focused on the music. The weird girl may have a shtick or something that makes them stand out. I often consider the weird girl’s path as a musician to be much harder but the rewards are worth more.
Welcome to March and the beginning of the busy time of the year. 


                                                        Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief

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March 1st, 2014

Festival / Conference of the Month – March 20143

Network with the pros!

SXSW Austin, TX


Music  – March 11-16, 2014
Film – March 7-15, 2014
Interactive March 7-11, 2014

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editor's desk
March 1st, 2014

Words from the Editor’s Desk

March is the BIG month in the entertainment industry. March is when the recording that happened during the Fall/Winter is revealed. It is also SXSW.
                In the 15 years I’ve done FEMMUSIC, I’ve never gone. In many ways I don’t need to. The artists going to and from Austin use it as an excuse to tour elsewhere. Mini tours spring up quickly and instantly. Entire catalogs of artists who disappeared last year around November are suddenly on the move. If you listen close enough, the buzz reaches to both coasts.
                What is the importance of SXSW? It is a music, film, entertainment maelstrom in Austin. The majors are sending their top artists to play one or two big shows and mingle. The minors are sending their entire catalogs to play days on end while their managers, publicists, agents are working the crowds. The goal? Touring.
                In the internet age where an artist’s song is worth 99 cents, 10 cents, .0003 cents the best place an artist can make money is on the road. Between March and November thousands of artists are on the road playing coffee shops, dive bars, festivals and clubs. They are playing to get exposure, to get gas money, write-ups and sell merch that only sells on the road. People have said for many years that the industry is dying. Go to the merch table at the end of the night at a big show and you will how the tour bus is being paid for.
                SXSW is where tour managers, festival organizers, etc…go to watch live music. The big artists don’t need exposure – but their label wants them at Riot Fest or Warped Tour. Did you ever think about why schmucky singer-songwriter #5 is opening for Arcade Fire. Most likely because he played SXSW and made friends.
                Good Musicians are nomads. For 9 months (or more) every year they wander the globe. During those 9 months they pay for the remaining 3 months, and hopefully a new recording, and a vacation.


                                                        Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief

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