July 7th, 2017
8 Artists to See at Portland Pop Now! Festival – Portland, OR – July 21-23, 2017
This annual 3 day festival and compilation CD spotlights the best in Portland music in a variety of genres. This year includes everything from pop, shoegaze to metal and hip hop. Here are some of our recommendations:
Cool Schmool – This 3 piece of Katie L Hereford, Jessica L Sylvia & Adria Ivanisky play a dream punk on their EP Catchy Not Sketchy. https://www.facebook.com/coolschmoolband/
Jessica Dennison + Jones – Jessica Dennison & Jessica Jones make up this acoustic rock group. The music can vary from pure folk to a blend of styles. They have a self titled release. http://www.jessicaband.com/
Karma Rivera – Karma Rivera is a hip hop artist with a distinctive style & sound. https://www.facebook.com/karmarivera/
Mini Blinds – Mini Blinds released Air Signs last year. This 3 piece is Beth Ann Dear, Devin Welch and Hannah Blilie. They are a dream pop band that has been around since 2015. https://www.facebook.com/miniblinds/
Piss Test – Piss Test released LPII earlier this year. They are a pure punk band led by Samantha Gladu. https://www.facebook.com/PissTest/
Reptaliens – Reptaliens are a sci-fi concept band who mix guitars, synthesizers and more to make their sound. They are led by Bambi & Cole and feature many other musicians. They have made a mark beyond Portland. https://www.facebook.com/reptaliensruleearth/
Small Million – Ryan Linder and Malachi Graham make up this synth driven band. They have textured music that layers in form driven by complex lyrics. https://www.facebook.com/SmallMillion/
Sunbathe – Maggie May Morris is Sunbathe. She can play both solo or with bandmates Pieter Hilton & Jenny Logan. Morris is a songwriter of the highest form and plays the range of styles and emotions. The album is Sunbathe. http://thisissunbathe.com/

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