March 5th, 2019

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October 1st, 2000

One –  One (Altyr Records 1999)

One is a CD begging to be taken to it’s fullest limit, and falling short every time. One is Gloria Hylton on lead vocals. She is backed up by George Seymouron electric and acoustic guitars and keyboard. Mike Keeley is on drums, and Lynne Davis is on bass. Although the other band members are there, Hylton and Seymour take up the CD.

One’s songs are about relationships and philosophy. “Sins of Heredity” is a ballad filled with challenging lyrics about family and choices. “Lost (a.k.a. L.A. Appropriate)” is the best song on the CD featuring Hylton accepella. The rest of the lyrics are predictable and matched with music that feels twenty years out of date.

One is not without talent, but this debut work does nothing to showcase it. It screams for passion in songs like “Villian” about betrayal. “T.ime V.acuums S.uck” also pleads for metaphors to bring forth the image dancing in the mind. The pleas go unanswered.

Hylton is one FEMMUSIC will watch. These songs need to be played out and put through the paces of audiences. When refined they could hold the promise for much more to come. For more information visit

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