April 2nd, 2018
5 Artists to See at 10th Annual FoCoMX – Ft Collins, CO – April 27 & 28, 2018 – http://focomx.focoma.org/
FoCoMX returns for a 10th year with 30 Ft Collins venues participating with a hundreds of artists. This year you will see many familiar faces including Liz Barnez, Megan Burtt, Sarah Slaton (of Edison), The SIR Band, Wendy Woo, The Velveteers, Post Paradise, The Raven and the Writing Desk and more. Here are some acts you might want to pay attention to:
Ghost Tapes – Ishka B. Phoenix’s vocals are hypnotic in this retro 90’s rock band. https://ghosttapes.co/
Lady Gang – Jen Korte is everywhere with projects including Jen Korte & The Loss, Def Knock, The Dirty Femmes and The Gin Doctors. Lady Gang is her newest project. She is already working on an album. https://www.facebook.com/LadyGangMusic/
The Monocle Band – Last year Monocle Band released The Clearing a full length album that caught national attention. Led by Monica Marie this rock band blends elements of folk, jazz and rock into a pleasurable combination http://www.monocleband.com/
SLP – Sarah Louise Pieplow is a poet and musician who has worked with some of Colorado’s best. She had a 3 octave range. Her album Widow’s Daughter came out in 2011 and is still captivating. https://sarahlouisepieplow.com/
The Sugarbirds – The Sugarbirds are an acoustic folk trio with members from other bands. They mix guitar, banjo & bass with wicked harmonies. https://www.facebook.com/sugarbirdsband/

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April 30th, 2017

FoCoMX 9
Fort Collins, CO
April 28, 2017
Photos courtesy of RockOnColorado.com


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April 27th, 2016

Fort Collins, CO.
April 22, 2016.
Photos by David Barber of RockOnColorado.com



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