Matchwomen’s Festival 2017

Matchwomen’s Festival 2017 – The Irish Centre – London, UK – July 1, 2017
Matchwomen’s Festival 2017
The Bow Matchwomen’s Strike of 1888 is celebrated every year with this festival. The strike helped found the modern union movement. This year’s festival includes poets, politicians, feminists and musicians. This year’s music lineup is curated by Loud Women
Steve White and the Protest Family – Steve White and the Protest Family are a protest music band that is led by Steve White. They can be small or large and incorporate folk music into a folk punk mix.
Gaptooth – Hannah Lucy is an electro-pop feminist artist. She is releasing her sophomore EP Terminal 4 this year.
Thunder on the Left – Carla, Adam & Arun made up this alt rock band who released their debut EP on Malevolent Records.
Dana Jade – Dana Jade is originally from Trinidad and mixes blues, rock and attitude into her music. She is a cross between Billie Holiday and Courtney Love.
The Menstrual Cramps – This 4 piece punk band is in your face with their debut album We’re Not Ovaryacting. We first heard of them last year and are waiting for the world tour.
Ms. Mohammed – Ms Mohammed is another facet of Dana Jade. A reaction to the anti-Islamist Brexitreactionaries she strikes out with an anthem called “Alibi.”
July 1st, 2017