Unfinished Mail

  Words from the Editor’s Desk

As I write this I’m amazed at the way this year continues to develop. New things are happening daily beyond the walls of FEMMUSIC. As we catch up on this year, and get ready for the voting for the Top Ten Independent Bands & Artists of 2002, the New Year is already beckoning with surprises.

I’ve wanted to write about this next subject for some time. Ironically as I’ve gotten closer, it has had a real effect personally. The subject is money. How much is your career worth? I’ve been directly involved in some CD releases recently and have been surprised how many people will pour their soul into making the CD but will forget the that having a website and decent contact info is as important. If it costs you $10-15,000 to do a CD, isn’t it worth it to pay $500 to make a website that will properly represent you? Many people forget this.

In the 21st Century no artist can survive two minutes in the real world without a website. It is your billboard to say who you are and what your music is. Although free websites abound, to the press and the media, an AOL or Geocities website tells us that your career isn’t important enough to buy a URL. If your website is filled with ads, and flash everywhere I will walk away.

Building a website requires planning and thought. It should have a way to reach whomever will speak for the band. It should have decent photos so a reader can tell what you look like. It should have a band biography, and individual biographies. It MUST HAVE your gigs updated regularly. It should also have downloadable songs so we can see what you sound like. Beyond that you can go crazy with adding lyrics, fan pages, journals, etc…

I’ve always been someone who does put their money where their mouth is. It’s who I am. FEMMUSIC is professional because we talk with the best people and work with a company I believe in, www.PossibilityPromotion.com

If you’re going to get involved in this business you have to go all the way. If you don’t, it will reflect on you. More than enough said.

November 1st, 2002