Unfinished Mail

Words from the Editor’s Desk

February already? The year is up to a huge start. FEMMUSIC is growing. FEMMUSIC will be adding more sections this Spring. Among the new sections are FEMMUSIC’s Film area. After last year’s TV/Film issue we’ve decided to make this a new quarterly section.

Next, FEMMUSIC is going for laughs. We’ve been talking with some comedy clubs and think that the comedy industry is a new area to explore. Look for our first interview in this area coming soon.

If that wasn’t enough , FEMMUSIC is also looking at software reviews. As a recent Palm Pilot owner, I see the potential of these devices to revolutionize how independent artists work. We will be reviewing both PC and Palm software on a sporadic basis this Spring. Depending on how the software industry takes to us, we hope to make it a regular column.

Now, to the Blues. This issue has been a hard one to pull together. Some interviews were happening up until a few days ago. It was my pleasure and honor to speak to our first Grammy Nominee of the year, Koko Taylor. Her album, Royal Blue, is up for Best Blues Album of the Year.

I was also privileged to speak to Joanna Connor, who, ironically, grew up in the same city as I did. Her insights as a blues guitarist are amazing.

If that weren’t enough, we’ve also interviewed Kate Hart, Hazel Miller and Erica Brown. Kate Hart is changing the industry with Joe Records, and we applaud her for it. Hazel Miller and Erica Brown are Colorado divas, and have interesting stories from years of experience.

Look for more to come, and keep reading.

Alex Teitz
[email protected]

February 1st, 2001