Unfinished Mail

Words from the Editor’s Desk

editor's desk

            The name of this column is Unfinished Mail.  Why? Every week I talk to artists, publicists, labels, and a myriad of others. Some days I can exchange up to 3-400 e-mails in a six hour period.  Somehow, even with this, I still end most weeks with 20-40 e-mails left unanswered. For those who read FEMMUSIC, and e-mail me, please understand, I’m not ignoring you. Be patient, and be persistent.

I write this just a day from FEMMUSIC’s first anniversary. One year seems to have bulldozed by leaving FEMMUSIC stronger. I’ve been thinking about writing the column ever since we began, but only in the past few months have I  finally decided to follow through. The purpose of this column, I hope, will be more than just my rants and raves. There have been many stories that make up FEMMUSIC, and this will be an area to read about them. I also hope to give insights on the business of music.

For now, you will have to suffer in hearing what one year has entailed. Some may believe that all I do is write and listen to CDs. I wish it was that easy.

Let’s begin with the numbers:

Over 200 concerts

Over 40 interviews

Over 1000 CDs received

Nearly one lawsuit

One death threat

It’s been a busy year. When FEMMUSIC began I thought I would be covering local and regional music for at least two years. Now FEMMUSIC covers the world. We’ve done many specialty issues including: Jazz/Blues, Singer-songwriter, a Chicago regional issue, and a Festival Preview Issue. In the coming months we will do even more. FEMMUSIC will have it’s first Latin Music Issue in July.

FEMMUSIC is for the artist and the people who like them. We try to be a guide for those starting out. It continues to be a learning process for us both.

I could go on for hours, but I don’t have time for that. Music and the world await. Thank you to everyone who has made FEMMUSIC a magazine worth reading in the past year. The second year we can only get better.


Alex Teitz, Editor-In-Chief, FEMMUSIC

June 1st, 2000